An orchestra led by Hans Andersson with trumpet player Flemming Agerskov, saxophonist Hans Ulrik, guitar player Mulle Holmqvist and drummer Jonas Johansen.

The material that Hans Andersson wrote for the band did often have an almost exaggerated melodic structure that made the musicians feel locked in and hence resulted in an anarchical desire. What the band strived for was the clash between the more simple material and the rougher playing. Wet Paint did mostly perform at clubs in Sweden and Denmark but also at Copenhagen Jazz Festival.

A one-hour radio program that the group recorded in 1999 has been broadcast a number of times by the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation P2.

Listen to all the songs from Wet Paint ”Greatest Hits”

Her Recipe



Confidence Of Ignorance

Le Mirage

Twisted Birch

Blue Necklace

  1. Punktva?